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2 High Picture Quality Brilliant Color Performance By combining a new-generation optical system that uses Sony's BrightEra with Long Lasting Optics technology* and a 3LCD projection system, the VPL-FH500L offers a high brightness of 7,000 lumens. * BrightEra with Long Lasting Optics is the Sony brand name for a new generation of optical system, which uses a more advanced version of Sony's original BrightEra technology. In addition to adopting LCD panels that have pixels with large aperture ratios and inorganic alignment layers, BrightEra with Long Lasting Optics technology also uses an inorganic layer for polarization plates to greatly enhance reliability. 3LCD Projection Offers Brilliant Color Performance The VPL-FH500L adopts a 3LCD projection system incorporating three LCD panels. This system enables the projector to present bright and natural images. Ultimate Picture Quality in WUXGA Projection Delivering a Dramatic Brightness of 7,000 Lumens

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